Apr 29, 2017

Week In the Life™ | MY DIY KIT

Okay so I'm super jealous of all ya'll working with Ali Edwards' Week in the Life™ kit but I just couldn't justify the extra expense at this time, not when I have so many new scrapbooking supplies. I've been shopping so much in the past few months and I have so many new things that I absolutely love and wanted to use for this project.

So I set forth a new challenge for myself and for all of ya'll that hoard your stash... DIY MY OWN KIT!

Okay so at the bottom of this blog post you'll find a pretty long video of me walking through my kit. I may or may not have went a bit overboard but like I said I have so much I love. I know I won't use it all but it's there if I need it. ;)

When it comes to pulling items together for a project I do have a few tips....

Whether you like to have things tucked away or out in the open get ya a box or basket to hold everything. I recommend these clear Iris containers. I like these because I can fit small things as well as large 12x12 papers.

iris scrapbook container


I always do my WITL project in a 6x8 album. I usually use these Snap Albums from Simple Stories. The always work well for me, the only downfall is that they only have two rings so sometimes it's hard to add smaller things to the album. I always make it work but I do wish they had additional rings. Has anyone found it difficult to find 6x8 albums?

small 6x8 scrapbook album

I always start with paper! I always start with color. I pull patterns based on what colors I'm in the mood for. I honestly just go with my gut on this and this creates my base for my kit.

patterned scrapbook paper

Next, I'll go through my stash of journaling cards and just pick out the ones that appeal to me. Making sure they match my paper and have good sentiments that can be used with our week. I usually grab a few lined cards for journaling. Look through your stash for some fun date stamps. Perhaps you have some with the week days!

scrapbook stamps for week in the life

I love a chunky album! I usually go overboard with adding embellishments to my kit and I don't end up using them all but I like to have a good assortment to chose from when I'm ready to embellish. However, having too many can distract me and keep me from choosing any. A good tip (which I rarely ever follow) is to pick only 5 types of embellishments. This helps to cut the time you spend deciding on what things to use. However, if you're like me, if it's not there you'll just get up and go find it.

scrapbook embellishments

Here are some of my favorite embellishments to use for my projects!
  • stickers
  • tiny words
  • flair
  • chipboard
  • washi
  • ribbon
  • sequins
  • anything STARS!!!
I also like to include different things like tags, glassine bags and transparencies. Like I said I like a chunky and funky album!

So here is what I gathered for my kit...

Apr 25, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Friday's Photos & Words

mom hair getting it done9:25 AM // Today I did my hair up in a pony tail. It didn't last long. 

cleaning house11:40 AM // Today I cleaned three houses by lunch time. 

taking the car to get washed1:03 PM // Today I washed the car.Well I sat in the car while it was washed. 

taking the car to get inspected1:35 PM // Today I took the car to get inspected. I also renewed our license plates. 
taco bell for lunch3:00 PM // Today I regretted my lunch decision almost immediately. 

getting ready for mom's night out4:10 PM // Today I took a little extra time on my makeup and hair. #readyforGNO

girls night out at Michael's5:25 PM // Today I went to one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people. 

being silly at Tuesday Morning
 7:00 PM // Today I laughed so hard. 

super mom super wife super woman super tired7:15 PM // Today I found my perfect mug. 

chillis for supper8:59 PM // Today I ate way too much food. 

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Apr 24, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Thursday's Photos & Words

morning coffee8:24 AM // Today I'm enjoying three cups of coffee before the kids wake up. I'm working on editing photos and blogging work during my quiet time this morning. 

letting the kids sleep in9:10 AM// Today I'm enjoying just letting them sleep until they wake up. I'm enjoying the look of sweet innocence that will quickly fade when she wakes up. 

dirty bathroom floor
 10:00 AM // Today I am enjoying not cleaning.I'm making the kids do it. I need to rest. 

kitchen homeschool
 12:43 PM // Today I'm enjoying that they actually did school without me reminding them to do it. Well math anyways. We are all really enjoying their new math curriculum 

afternoon naptime
cuddles with mama during naptime

1:23 PM // Today I'm enjoying a nap. Just a few minutes to sit and close my eyes and rest. I need it today. I need it everyday.

coffee and healthy snacks and to do lise2:20 PM // Today I'm enjoying some more coffee and new snacks while I cross things off my to do list.  On a side note I really didn't like these dried peach slices.

laundry piles
 4:15 PM // Today I'm enjoying that its' okay to not worry about the mess. Or at least take my time with it.

carpet cleaning machine
8:05 PM // Today I'm enjoying a new carpet cleaner. I'm a little obsessed with my carpets even though it's a never ending battle. (5 kids and red Carolina mud...ugh)

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Wednesday's Photos & Words

9:02 AM // I'm thankful for modern day technology. // Especially the dishwasher. 

 10:25 AM // I am thankful for a bathtub that doubles as a swimming pool for these two. // They can play (getting clean at the same time) while I get ready for the day. 

 11:04 AM // I'm thankful for help from the older kids even though on this particular day they failed at keeping the babies out of nail polish which ultimately led to another bath and ruined carpet. 

 12:43 PM // I am thankful the laundry is almost caught up.

 1:06 PM // I am thankful that they are old enough to make their own lunches while I get some chores finished. //  I am also thankful that they all can agree on PB & Js. 

1:55 PM // I am thankful for "nany kisses". She is so sweet and loving.

2:20 PM // I am thankful that for history I can teach my children biblical lessons. I am thankful the babies nap so we can get some school done.

2:30 PM // I am thankful that I took the time to prepare. These coloring sheets kept them busy during our lecture on Joshua, Jerico, and Rahab. 

3:10 PM // I am thankful that I can also teach my children that God made the world in 7 days. I am thankful that I don't have to include lessons on apes and big bang theories. 

6:07 PM // I am thankful for nice Spring days that you can enjoy front porch sitting and bubble blowing.

6:35 PM // I am thankful for this little Troll that has brought the little ones so much joy recently. Can you spot poppy through out my entire week?

7:30 PM // I am thankful that I live near an Aldi. It really is my favorite grocery store. Today's list included fresh produce, unsalted butter, and milk. 

7:50 PM // I am thankful for affordable food. Affordable healthy food. 


Apr 21, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Tuesday's Photos & Words

8:24 AM // I see a girl happy that there's coffee and her favorite mug is clean. // The statement on this cup is is the definition of my life. 

9:14 AM // I see a girl that just got up from the bed and laid back on the couch. // I see the the flexibility of our morning and how we are lucky to have the freedom from a rushed morning. // We can get up and get going when we want to. 

10:09 AM // I see a boy that holds my heart. // He's all smiles this morning. // I also see a tray of healthy goodies. // I've pulled them out to fill up our diffusers and get some positive energy flowing for our morning. 

10:15 AM // I see the last halo. 

10:28 AM // I see breakfast time. // I see a guy that rocks on the stool all the time even though we tell him not to. // I see a girl that wore slept in her bathing suit. // I see another girl that has always walked on her tip toes. // I see a bit of mess. // I see two babies, one that needs a haircut real bad. 

 11:42 AM // I see a to do list that's always growing. // I see a mama that is a bit OCD and struggle with keeping up. 

12:35 PM // I see a couple piles of laundry. // This is only about a 1/8th of what I have to do. Ugh!

12:59 PM // I see cookies dough. // Gluten free cookie dough.

 1:02PM // I see three kids playing like kids. // They stayed out all day making this old hog pen a play house. // I took them turkey sandwiches, apples, and warm chocolate chip cookies in a basket. // They loved it.

1:09 PM // I see an adventurous little girl that doesn't mind that she's dirty from head to toe. 

 2:16 PM // I see a big baby getting his diaper changed before nap time. // I see him looking at the camera on my phone wondering how it's taking pictures by itself. (I'm using a remote shutter)

 3:35 PM // I see a 10 year old boy that reads as well as a college graduate. // He loves reading. // At night he tries to hide and read when it's bedtime. // Today's book was my pic, Left Behind Part 1.

 4:10 PM // I see the funniest girl I know. // I see a girl that is so silly. // It took me 10 minutes to get the perfect pose but I went with this one instead. // This photo captures the real Lilli.

4:12 PM // I see me trying to take a snapshot of my self and camera in the mirror. // I see a photo bomber. 

 4:36 PM // I see freshly planted flowers in a flower box that I built all by my self. // My thumb is faintly green now. // More planting this weekend. 

 5:04 PM // I see a mess. // She is loving it though. 
6:03 PM // I see a very hard working man and two kiddos that adore him. //  I see a bunch of things picked up from the yard. 

6:42 PM // I see a boy that's mad he can't ride on Dad's "motor" anymore. // I see a boy that has a fierce temper. // I see a lot of spankings in the near future. 

8:00PM // I see two kids nose deep in their books. //  I'm so happy they like to read.

9:02 PM // I see Nola and Daddy snuggling on the couch sharing kisses and grunting Yolo!

11:01 PM // I see a very hormonal and tired lady that hopes the Epsom salt and essential oils will relieve the stresses of the day. // I wish I could actually get my tub to fill with hot water. 

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