Apr 15, 2017

LifeStyle | First Days GFREE, What I Ate and How I Really Feel

why I'm going gluten free and giving up biscuits and gravy

Well you can probably guess from the title what today's blog post is about, right?

Well for those of you that maybe scratching your heads wondering what in the world "GFREE" means, allow me to explain.

GFREE is short for GLUTEN FREE! 

And yes y'all! I've dropped gluten and few other things from my diet and health routines.


Well I'm pretty sure that I've been suffering from gluten sensitivity if not true celiac disease. I'll just let you google it. But in short it means my belly doesn't breakdown or tolerate wheat products. It leaves me bloated, gassy, and very crampy. I even suffer from extreme cases of diarrhea almost immediately after I eat. Yes, I have self diagnosed myself and I don't recommend that you do that. However from what I've read and from the way I feel I'm okay with trying a different diet if it might work. 

The downfall to cutting gluten, as a true country gal, is cutting out biscuits and gravy and that might just be the death of me but honestly so might eating it. So I'm kinda left in between a rock and a hard place. 

So, a few days ago I quit. Cold turkey. I stopped eating anything with wheat, soy, etc. I researched years worth of info in 2 days and decided to just do it. I've tried to stay away from it as much as I can and while I can't say that I'm "gluten free" 100% yet ( as I hear it takes months to rid your body of all gluten) within 4 days of trying to remain GFREE I feel........PRETTY DARN GOOD! I can't lie. My stomach feels pretty great! I haven't had any double over cramps or bouts of running to the bathroom after eating. My stomach kinda seems tender a bit but there is no cramping, very little bloat ( I still look dietended but haven't felt full of air) and I don't feel so full after eating a meal. And despite probably cutting my calories in half... I don't feel hungry at all. Weird, right? I still feel tired and a bit run down. My energy has been hit or miss so nothing major to report there yet. I'm hoping for a definng moment of clarity and I can get stuff done without feeling listless and tired. 

I'm gonna make this space and these post kinda a dumping ground for a food diary and symptom tracker and in doing so I hope that I help someone else who might need it.

LUNCH: Grilled Chicken, Carrots, Mushrooms, and White Rice
DINNER: Steak and Shrimp Nachos with lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream, Water 
SNACK; Apples and Bananas

BREAKFAST: GFREE Blueberry Muffins from Martha Stewart & Coffee
LUNCH: Deli Turkey, Cheese Slices, Grapes, Water
DINNER: Baked Ranch Chicken and Rice

BREAKFAST: Fruit and Coffee
LUNCH: Sushi with GFREE Soysauce (A few other things that I'm pretty sure contained a small amount of gluten), Diet Pepsi
DINNER: Eggs, Bacon, and Tomato Slices

BREAKFAST: Coffee and GFREE Chocolate Chip Muffins from Martha Stewart
LUNCH:Chips and Salsa, Diet Sundrop
DINNER: Beef Tips, Peppers & Onions, Baked Potato with sour cream and butter. Salad with ranch dressing, Sweet Tea
DESSERT: GFREE Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk

Mild belly tenderness after I eat but nothing like previous days. I can still hear my stomach digesting, it's pretty loud at times. 
BMs have slowed dramatically almost to the point of constipation.
Energy levels are up and down, still feel tired and foggy. 
Body still feels sore and achy. 
I've also had issue with allergies this week :(

I'm not sure how long I'll last as this and/or posting about (just being honest here) but I'm hoping for a huge improvement in my health and lifestyle change! So, prayers please!

Stay tuned for post on how I'm ridding my house of chemicals and healing my ailments with essential oils! I'm so excited! 

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