Apr 18, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Monday's Photos and Words

This year I've chosen to do things a bit different. In hopes of keeping this project manageable for both capturing and documenting I'm keeping things simple. I'm keeping our days normal and the photos as real and effortless as possible. With so much going on in our lives I can't afford to slow down and do large photoshoots to get the perfect pose. I'm snapping and moving on. This year instead of worrying about well lit photos and artistic angels I'm focusing on the stories of the photos and how I can highlight the essence of each story by a simple snapshot. I want real true pictures of life....our life... happening right now.

I'm not to worried about staying in chronological order.. but I'm looking for a flow of the day, pretty much following our normal routine. These are not all the photos I'll be using for today but just the highlights! 

coffee maker with coffee
7:35 AM // I see the fuel of the day. // The fuel to to get me going and give me the strength that I will need to complete my task that lie ahead. // Extra strong. 

wondering if i need to wash my hair
7:38 AM // I see the natural light that comes through our large kitchen window and a tired mama that wishes she could go back to bed for a little bit longer. // Wondering if my hair needs washed. 

coffee and curling iron
8:20 AM // I see my liquid gold and a magic stick that I'm hoping will transform me into something more presentable.

van full of kids
9:10 AM // I see five ( you can barely see her bow back there) kids that I love with all my heart. // They're tired but excited it's Co-op day. // Jackson's in that stage of hating having his picture taken. // Both babies are reading Dairy of the Wimpy Kid books. ;)

The House on Hillbrook homeschool coop
10:15 AM // I see friends, both big and small. // We all love Co-op. // The older ones are in different classes and I'm staying with the babies. // It truly is one of the reasons I continue to homeschool.

homeschooling boys
1:30 PM // I see a boy that loves to build things. // His latest creation was a small raft. // He used bark, twigs, and twine to create a ship. // They're learning about how America was discovered and all the things it took to get here. 

cleaning out a van full of kids junk
5:30 PM // I see a giant mess in my car. // So much mess. 

pretzel house craft
5:52 PM // I see a lost masterpiece. // By Alifair. // It's been safely recovered from the piles of mess in my car. 

sandbox adventures
6:10 PM // I see a pretty girl that loves to get dirty. // 

eating dirty apples
6:21 PM // I see a dirty hand that holds an apple he just had to have. // He doesn't seem to mind the sand all over it. 

teenage mutant ninja turtles
6:23 PM // I see a shoe with turtles. // A shoe that represents a love of 20 plus years. // I see the love between a father and a son and how that father wants his son to love the same things he did and does. // I see a toddler who has grown so fast. 

sisters on a farm
6:50 PM // I see two sisters who love each other despite their differences. // I see my reflection in both of their looks and actions. // I see all of my hopes and dreams for them. 

growing a self sustaining farm7:02 PM // I see a tiny chicken. // I see the hopes we have to grow our place into a self sustaining farm. // I see a girl who loves animals. // 

tired twins and tired mama
8:34 PM // I see two tired babies ready for bed. // I see crumbs that I need to clean. // 

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