Apr 21, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Tuesday's Photos & Words

8:24 AM // I see a girl happy that there's coffee and her favorite mug is clean. // The statement on this cup is is the definition of my life. 

9:14 AM // I see a girl that just got up from the bed and laid back on the couch. // I see the the flexibility of our morning and how we are lucky to have the freedom from a rushed morning. // We can get up and get going when we want to. 

10:09 AM // I see a boy that holds my heart. // He's all smiles this morning. // I also see a tray of healthy goodies. // I've pulled them out to fill up our diffusers and get some positive energy flowing for our morning. 

10:15 AM // I see the last halo. 

10:28 AM // I see breakfast time. // I see a guy that rocks on the stool all the time even though we tell him not to. // I see a girl that wore slept in her bathing suit. // I see another girl that has always walked on her tip toes. // I see a bit of mess. // I see two babies, one that needs a haircut real bad. 

 11:42 AM // I see a to do list that's always growing. // I see a mama that is a bit OCD and struggle with keeping up. 

12:35 PM // I see a couple piles of laundry. // This is only about a 1/8th of what I have to do. Ugh!

12:59 PM // I see cookies dough. // Gluten free cookie dough.

 1:02PM // I see three kids playing like kids. // They stayed out all day making this old hog pen a play house. // I took them turkey sandwiches, apples, and warm chocolate chip cookies in a basket. // They loved it.

1:09 PM // I see an adventurous little girl that doesn't mind that she's dirty from head to toe. 

 2:16 PM // I see a big baby getting his diaper changed before nap time. // I see him looking at the camera on my phone wondering how it's taking pictures by itself. (I'm using a remote shutter)

 3:35 PM // I see a 10 year old boy that reads as well as a college graduate. // He loves reading. // At night he tries to hide and read when it's bedtime. // Today's book was my pic, Left Behind Part 1.

 4:10 PM // I see the funniest girl I know. // I see a girl that is so silly. // It took me 10 minutes to get the perfect pose but I went with this one instead. // This photo captures the real Lilli.

4:12 PM // I see me trying to take a snapshot of my self and camera in the mirror. // I see a photo bomber. 

 4:36 PM // I see freshly planted flowers in a flower box that I built all by my self. // My thumb is faintly green now. // More planting this weekend. 

 5:04 PM // I see a mess. // She is loving it though. 
6:03 PM // I see a very hard working man and two kiddos that adore him. //  I see a bunch of things picked up from the yard. 

6:42 PM // I see a boy that's mad he can't ride on Dad's "motor" anymore. // I see a boy that has a fierce temper. // I see a lot of spankings in the near future. 

8:00PM // I see two kids nose deep in their books. //  I'm so happy they like to read.

9:02 PM // I see Nola and Daddy snuggling on the couch sharing kisses and grunting Yolo!

11:01 PM // I see a very hormonal and tired lady that hopes the Epsom salt and essential oils will relieve the stresses of the day. // I wish I could actually get my tub to fill with hot water. 

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