May 9, 2017

HOMESCHOOL | CREATING MULTI AGE LAPBOOKS (Free Earth & Science Printables and Resources)

free christian homeschool earth and science printables

I know it's nearing the end of the school year and if you're like me you're ready to say sayonara to school for a while but there is one thing that can renew a tired homeschooling mama and that's shopping for new curriculum.

I went ahead and ordered next year's curriculum. I wanted to get an idea of how the year would go, when we should start, how our schedule would be and review it just in case it wouldn't work out I would have time to research and order another. 

Since we've finished our material for this year and had about eight weeks left of school I went ahead and started a full course of the new stuff. 

For science this upcoming year (2017-2018) I've chosen Christian Kids Explore Earth & Science. So far I really like it. And most importantly the kids really like it. 

Currently I have three school age children (Ages 5,7,10) who I am teaching from this book. Their reading and writing levels are very different so I quickly learnt that teaching and expecting them both to read and write down notes at the same time was not going to work. 

I needed a way to cover the material, have them both be able to read it and understand it but it not take all day doing it. So I created a lapbook for our first unit. 


First I studied the lesson. As I studied I gathered notes; definitions and important facts. Most of this stuff is in the margins of the book. I typed them up in Photoshop Elements. 

I gathered all my notes and put them on printable pages in boxes so I could cut them out.

using free resources to create homeschool lapbooks

I also did a google search for Christian Earth Science Printables and found a ton of great resources like this one from Bible Story Printables.

using free printables in homsechool

Using a pair of scissors and a hole punch I cut out interactive pieces.

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling

Then I arranged my notes in a lapbook. If you're new to making lapbooks check out this great resource on making easy lapbooks.

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling

I also used material from the appendix of the book. This book has some great coloring sheets and graphs available to use.

using appendix resources for lapbooking
I like to include interactive pieces as well. This is great for the younger kids. 

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling
Tip: Try to fit an entire unit on one lapbook  verses each individual lessons. This will cut down time on making additional lapbooks for each lesson. And you'll have several days worth of science ready to be worked on.  This lapbook lasted us about two weeks.

christian homeschool earth science
The kids really enjoy lapbooks and lessons that are fun, colorful, and interactive. 

I've included the FREE printable pdfs I created from my notes of this unit. If you're using CHRISTIAN KID EXPLORE EARTH & SCIENCE and you would like to print these resources CLICK HERE!

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