Feb 14, 2018


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review but as always my opinions are 100% true.

One of the main reasons we, as a family, chose to homeschool was to instill our Christian beliefs into our children. As a Christian family, our main objective as a homeschooling family has been to give our children the correct biblical information in all of their studies.

Needless to say one of, if not, the most controversial subjects in Christian homeschooling is science. So many science curricula, even homeschooling ones, teach evolution over creationism and that's just not what we believe. 

Picking out science curriculum has always been something I pour over and research a great deal before committing to purchasing and teaching. Recently we switched our science curriculum to By Design Science for grades 1-8 by Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

By Design Science Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

About By Design Science

First off let me say that this curriculum is by far one of the best faith-based curriculum I have ever brought into our home.Every lesson brings forth biblical scripture, Christian values, and concretes the concepts of biblical science. 

By Design Science Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

From the creation era to the age of space discovery By Design Science covers good ground for grades 1-8. This works perfectly for our 11, 8, and 5 years old. When I received the program I got the large text book as well as 4 unit based journals. Each journal corresponds to one of the four units in this program; life science, the human body, earth and space science, and physical science. The journals encourage your child to document explanations, thoughts, research and also include test for each 

By Design Science Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

Reasons I Like By Design Science

Other than the obvious Christian standpoint of this curriculum I'm really pleased with this program for a couple other attributes:

#1 Engaging Graphics and Illustrations

As visual learners, this is super important to me and my children. We love to look at photos in our textbooks and when the photos are bright, bold and crisp, it makes it that more pleasing. The photos and illustrations used through out this book are very entertaining and keep even the most distracted eye on point. 

By Design Science Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

#2 Easy Planning and Supply Kits

As a homeschool mom of multiple ages, I'm always pleased when one curriculum will fit into each of my children's school day. I like the idea of group discussion and family experiments as well as one on one instruction. Kendall Hunt makes it super easy to plan out multiple age lesson plans by giving you a free multi-grade lesson plan. They have also taken out the daunting supply shopping by offering pre-made kits that make all the experiments and lessons a breeze. 

Overall Review of By Design Science

Overall this faith-based science curriculum is one of the best homeschool programs we have ever used. My kiddos are extremely engaged (currently we are working on unit 3, the solar system). They are having fun working through the lessons and doing the experiments. I will definitely be using this program for a few more years. It's so nice to find a program that shares your christian values and helps back up the one true word of God. 

By Design Science Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

More About Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers

Kendall Hunt Religious Publishers also publishes these product lines:
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In addition, Kendall Hunt offers Talented and Gifted programs in mathematics (M2 and M3) as well as products developed in collaboration with the CFGE (Center for Gifted Education) College of William and Mary in subject areas such as language arts, social studies, and science.
Connect with Kendall Hunt RPD

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Join them on Facebook – Kendall Hunt Publishing Company PreK-12
Find them on Twitter – @KendallHuntRPD

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