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May 2, 2013

The Beach Box

As a family grows so does their stuff. A simple trip to the beach that use to consist of a towel and some sunscreen now consist of toys, chairs, umbrella, towels, different types of sunblock, beach blanket, snacks, drinks, etc. Traveling to and from the shore is almost more work than fun. Cramming everything a family needs inside one bag is somewhat impossible. The bag either has to massive or the stuff needs to be minimal. One thing I hate is getting settled at the beach only to realize we forgot something. And carrying a overfilled beach bag, chairs, and umbrella is hard enough, and even harder while carrying little ones. Simply said one bag never seemed to hold everything we needed without the excess falling out the sides. So I have decided that this year, as we prepare for vacation, that we will do away with our ol' beach bag. I have come up with a far better resource than the bag...enter the BEACH BOX!


As I was searching the www for motivation and space saving ideas I came across some great tips. We have a SUV with three row seating and that works great on a daily basis. However, the cargo section is super small and barely holds two small suitcases. In the past we were able to remove the last row and use the emptiness as luggage space. But, this trip will be our first since the arrival of baby and we will actually be using all three rows for carseats. So we are attempting to consolidate and pack as tight as we can. Our goal is to fit everything we need inside the vehicle and eliminate the need for rooftop storage. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of luggage, our set is completely shot. I debated buying another set or two but honestly we would only use them once or twice a year and they would ultimately end up in the attic for months. I just can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn't serve a greater purpose. So I invested a little over twenty bucks for some Rubbermaid storage containers. We will be packing everything in them. Clothes, toilietries, snacks, beach items...everything.


I started with a light weight Sterlite container from Wal-Mart. I paid a little over five dollars for it. I like that it has color but is still transparent. I purchased a beach cut file from the Silhouette shop and cut it in premium vinyl with my Silhouette Portrait.


I started with a list of items that we, as a family of five would, need to comfortably spend a day in the sand and sea. Assuming everyone wears their swim suit, cover ups, and flip flops to and from the beach here is what we will need...
Of course some of these items like the cooler, chairs, and umbrella will not fit in my box and will still need to be carried to the sand. However the cooler rolls and I hope the beach box will sit nice and snug on top of the cooler that way we can just wheel it on down. Now I wont add the smaller stuff like sunglasses and snacks until we leave for the beach but here is what I have packed so far.

Stuff for the kids...

and mom...

I like to keep the plastic zipper pouches that sheet sets come in. It worked perfectly for holding all of our sunblock and pool toys. Since our condo supplies pool towels the only thing we will need to take out of this box is this plastic bag. We can just grab it and head to the pool, leaving the box just for beach days.

I packed everything inside the box all nice and neat. Sand toys, plastic pouch of fun in the sun items, towels, beach reads, hat, and baby powder. I'll put the rest in right before we go. This stuff can stay in the box year round and take house in our linen closet.

I hope that this works better than lugging two or three bags every time we go to the beach. My idea is that it will be super simple. And what is really cool is that the box it self can act as a chair side table for drinks and my beach radio. Score again! Well, I'm off to pack some more. Vacation is getting so close!

Do you have any packing tips or tricks? What about good advice for taking little ones to the beach for a day?
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