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Feb 13, 2017

Homeschool | Learning Language Arts Through Literature Review & Lesson Plan Walk Through

learning language arts throught literature review

I have been wanting to post this forever and I am finally getting around to getting it up. I have had several people on both my blog and and my vlog ask if I would recommend the curriculum, Learning Language Arts Through Literature. And the answer is a profound, yes! I absolutely love this curriculum and will be using it again next year for both my 2nd grader as well as my 4th grader.

Currently, I only have one child using this curriculum. Lilli is technically a first grader but has been working in the second grade volumn since starting the school year. At the beginning of the school year we started with All About Reading Level 1 but I quickly discovered that she had already surpassed the difficulty of the program. So about a three weeks into our school year I ordered LLATL from Christian Books.

Immediately I feel in love with it and


I was able to purchase this entire curriculum kit including readers for around $68.00. You can check that out here. I did pick up most of the supplemental books for about $30.00 but that is totally optional as you can check out most books through the public library.

Homeschool Curriculum Review Learning Language Arts Through Literature


Another reason I really like this curriculum is that it includes all components of language. Your child will learn all concepts including, reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension. Every lesson includes each part.


My favorite thing about this curriculum is that each lesson includes a step by step, word for word lesson plan. There is essentially no prep for the lessons. As a busy mom with other children whom I homeschool having complete lesson plans that require no set up or prep really appeals to me. I can simply open the workbooks and start.


I wouldn't go as far to say that this curriculum is very "artsy" but almost every lesson requires scissors and glue. Most of the lesson plans have cut outs and hands-on worksheets. My child is very creative and enjoys this part of the lesson the most.


You probably know by now that I try to use Christian based curriculum as much as possible as my number one goal in life is to keep Christ the center of my home and our school. This curriculum is not overly saturated with biblical stories or scriptures but does include a few snippets and references to stories from the bible.


Feb 6, 2017

Plan with Me Episode #2 | Homeschool Weekly Layout


It's obvious that I love pretty paper and planning things out gives me a sense of being organized. And I'll take all the "feeling" of being organized that I can get. I mean with five kids being organized is pretty much impossible but that doesn't stop me from trying.

In my first Plan with Me episode I shared how I have my Happy Planner set up. It's pretty basic except for every week I have three spreads. So, for example, for 6th through the 12th, I have three copies of each week. I do this by simply making front and back copies of the planner pages and sandwiching the copies in between the orginal pages. I make two copies so that gives me three weeks. The two copied weeks and the orginal week! 

The second weekly spread is for our homeschool plans for the week. The top box in each column is for Jackson's plans, the second box in each column is for Lilliana's, and the last box is for their group work. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you how I plan for our homeschool week. 

First, I gather their workbooks/curriculum, printables, and any projects they may be working on. I also grab my grade book that I keep, it has notes about what each one needs improvment on. For example, I know Lilli is struggling with counting by twos. 


So, with all of their work laid out I can make a small list of work for each one. I usually use a small notepad or to do list for this. 

plan-with-me homeschool-planner

Next, I gather my planner and my pretty planner making supplies. I usually do this on Sunday night so that we are ready to go on Monday morning. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

I usually start by making the pages look a little more prettier .... that's just me. You can leave them blank if you aren't into decorating. But I am! And, I absolutely love all of the bright and fun supplies that coordinate with my planner. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Next, I begin to write in the boxes and usually add more decorating as I go. I usually add their day by day plans being sure to leave notes on where to find certain supplements, for example, YouTube videos, etc. 

And at the end I usually add in a little more pretty. Just because papercrafting is my hobby and I like to make it look a little more me

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Nothing fancy! But it works. I love having our school plans written down and looking pretty. It keeps me motivated. 

CLICK THE VIDEO to watch my Plan with Me Episode #2 Homeschool Weekly Layout video!


Feb 2, 2017

Homeschool | Organized Homeschool Supply Cabinet

Last week I had had enough. I mean it, I was so overwhelmed with the mess in my house. Mess, everywhere. A huge part of the unorganized chaos was our school supplies. Earlier in the year I had designated our official pantry as our homeschool closet and it took about five months before I realized it just wasn't working out for us. Supplies were getting thrown in but not organized. Art supplies were spilling out everywhere. It was just a t-total disaster. And at the same time so was my food cabinet.

So... I had the bright idea to switch the two and put the the food were it should go and utilize the kitchen cabinets as a smaller more compacted place for our school supplies.

Here we go.....

organized homeschool supply cabinet
organized homeschool supply cabinet

Yes that was before....YIKES! I told you it was a mess...what, you didn't believe me?

So I pulled everything out and started re-organizing it. About two and half hours letter I was done and it was so much better!!!

organized homeschool supply cabinet
organized homeschool supply cabinet
organized homeschool supply cabinet

organized homeschool supply cabinet

Who knew that a little time and a lot of elbow grease could actually turn a mess into a functional space? I think I had forgotten how having things organized makes me feel. Or maybe I never forgot, but the fact of having five kids, and twins that are into everything, makes it pretty much impossible. 

We'll see how long this last. :P

Okay, homeschool moms, for those of you without homeschool rooms, how do you store your school supplies? 

Jan 24, 2017

{VIDEO} Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom

Are you'll ready for a REAL look at my  daily mom life. AHHH!!! Be kind please, just sharing what a typical day looks like for me and my kiddos.

Jan 18, 2017

My Very First Plan with Me | Includes Household Homeschool and Social Media Weekly Layouts

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

I'm pretty sure it's no secret that I love all things papercrafting and that includes pretty planners. Over the past two years I have been using the Me and My Big Ideas® Happy Planner™ and I love it.

I love The Happy Planner™ for a few reasons:

#1 It's so darn cute.
I mean really? How could you pass up the beauty of this planner? There are several styles to chose from and they even include topic specific planners such as; fitness & teacher. Yay! And not to mention the beautiful caboodles of accessories that are available. So gorgeous and fun!

#2 It's so versatile.
With the disc bound set up, removing and adding pages is super easy. They literally pop in and pop out.

#3 It's functional.
You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of The Happy Planner™. It really does "flow" well. And with several expansion sets you can customize the planner for your individual needs.

I went back and forth on whether or not to get more than one Happy Planner™ and decided I would try to make one work. I honestly needed three; one for home, one for homeschooling, and one for my social media accounts. However, I decided to create three planners in one. How I did that was by removing the already existing calendar and making photo copies on to card stock. This can be a little tricky to make sure your getting the right pages printed together. But after a little while I had three planners in one. Each month has three monthly calendars and each week has three weekly calendars. When I plan for the month or week I plan for all three. I like having them all together and in one planner. If you would like me to do a more in depth tutorial on that just leave a comment and I'll try to make one.

Okay, okay! Enough about the reasons why and how... On to the fun and pret ty stuff.

I wanted to share my take on planning and how I do it. I use this planner as a functional planner but I want it to look pretty at the same time.

My first weekly spread is for our home calendar. 
This holds all of our appointments, to do list, bills to pay, things to buy and do.

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

 The next spread is the same week's homeschool layout.
This holds everything we need to know for homeschooling; lessons, co op, field trips, projects, etc. 

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

And the next spread is my social media weekly layout for that exact same week.
This holds all my scheduled blog and vlog post, promotions on Facebook and Instagram. And to do list for editing and writing post.

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me

planner scrapbooking crafting supplies diy plan with me
If you would like to see part of my process CHECK OUT THIS PLAN WITH ME VIDEO on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR ALL OF MY LATEST PLANNER POST. I hope that I've inspired you to get a little more organized and to do it beautifully. And just out of curiousity are you planning in a Happy Planner™? What does your planner set up look like? Any one using one for homeschooling?

Oct 22, 2016

HOMESCHOOL | A Simple Craft for a Noah's Ark Lesson

Every week I try to plan a few hands-on crafts that will work together with our Mystery of History lesson plans. I have three kids learning together right now so I have to find things that will work for the ages of 4, 7 and 9.

This past week we studied Noah and the Flood. I had several crafts planned but the kids really enjoyed building and designing their own ark out of craft sticks and glue. It was educational, fun and super messy!

noahs ark craft bible craft homeschooling learning arts and crafts

Are you thinking about doing this craft? Awesome! Here is what you will need:


Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks) I bought a package of 80 for each kid at the Dollar Tree
School Glue
Cardboard (cut this to fit your ark, it can be as small or as big as you want)
Construction Paper (we chose blue to represent the water of the flood)


After discussing your Noah's Ark lesson give each child their materials. Tell them to use the glue and sticks to create and design their own version of the ark. As they create their arks you can tell them fun facts about the ark or ask them review questions from the lesson.

homeschooling, arts and crafts, noah's ark, bible crafts, learning

homeschooling, learning, arts and crafts, noah's ark, bible crafts
Don't force your children to create arks that you might think is accurate, allow them total freedom to express their ideas and creativity! Once they're finished building their arks, allow them to dry and then admire your beautiful pieces of art and biblical history!


How big was Noah's Ark?
What was the ark made out of?
How many days and nights did it rain?
How long did Noah and his family live on the ark?

If you're looking for a history curriculum for your children check out Mystery of History. We love it! To see a fun round up of craft ideas and lessons from the first three lessons click here. And stay tuned because this week I'm posting the next three lessons' crafts and ideas! I also will be sharing this week's reading list which includes the books that will go along with our next MOH lesson plans!

Oct 10, 2016

HOMESCHOOL | Mystery of History Volume 1 WEEK 1 Ideas and Activity Round Up for CREATION, ADAM & EVE, and JUBAL & TUBAL CAIN

Last week we started our new History/Bible Curriculum, Mystery of History Volume 1 Creation to the Resurrection, and so far we are loving it! Seriously, it's become our favorite part of the school day.

The Mystery of History
I chose this curriculum for our homeschool based on the recommendations of several other homeschool mamas. All of which are Christians and spoke highly of the program. So, without hesitation, I purchased the book and we started the next week.

We are only one week into it but man oh man is it some good stuff! The time we spend together working on the projects that are inspired from our MOH lessons is priceless and the knowledge the kids are retaining is exceeding my expectations.

The timeline (the book recommends you prepare a board that will serve as your biblical/historical timeline) is probably the best part! My kids love adding things to their timeline! It's only a small tri-fold board that I purchased from the Dollar Tree during our homeschool supply shopping trip and we will probably need many more but for now it's a piece of cherished artwork in our home.

Our board will be more of a collage than a straight time line, but you get my drift, right?

I didn't do much preparation for week one because I knew it would be pretty simple and easy but when it came down to it I was a little unprepared for our crafts and activities. However, since we had already learned about creation, Adam & Eve and Cain & Able in the first weeks of school (we started MOH in our third week) the first week's lessons for MOH were review! So we worked on our board and played our own version of America's Bible Challenge (the kids love playing that).

The activities that the kids did for the first few lessons before starting MOH  would work really well as activities for the actual lessons for week 1 so overall everything worked out for our first week!

The Mystery of History Series

If you're just getting started in MOH Volume 1 I have put together a round up of activities that I think would be AWESOME for little ones starting out! Now my kids are 4,7 and 10 so these activities are for that age range, but most of them can be tailored for any age.

homeschool school teaching learning reading writing preschool bible crafts creation

Another great resource I love using for our homeschool is FREE PRINTABLES from other mama's and creatives. This FREE CREATION PRINTABLE PACK by Mary Martha Mama is what I'm using for my 4 year old preschooler!

Again Mary Martha Mama has some great printables to use for teaching a homeschool lesson on Adam & Eve.

adam and eve prek pack pinterest



mystery of history, homeschooling, school, crafts, learning, bible, history

#1 Sound and Music Craft Activities via Learning Ideas Grads K-8
#2 Paper Plate Banjo Craft via Le Top Blog
#3 Make Your Own Maracas via Oriental Trading
#4 Duct Tape Sword and Shield from 30 Minute Crafts
#5 Books of the Bible Sword Shaped Bookmark via Creative Sunday School Crafts

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY MYSTERY OF HISTORY PINTEREST BOARD and of course there are TONS of other ideas on Pinterest and through out the web!

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