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Aug 30, 2017


Hey ya'll!

Today I'm sharing the long overdue homeschool room tour for 2017. 

We have been back to school for almost two weeks and this room is working perfectly for us. I'm so excited about it and I have high hopes that this room will help foster a very successful school year. 


In February of 2016 we moved into our newly constructed home while our kids were still enrolled in public school. After our move we had to switch schools with only a few months left, this was hard on all of us. At the end of the school year in June of 2016 I had nudges from the Lord leading my mind back to homeschooling. I say "back to homeschooling" because we had homeschooled back in 2010. So from homeschooling to public school the Lord lead me to decide that homeschooling was indeed our direction going forward. 

Last year, 2016-2017, we completed our first official year as homeschoolers and I knew at the end of the year that are homeschooling adventure would continue on. 

Last year we homeschooled at the kitchen table, couch, and floor and I knew if we wanted to have a better flow to our days we needed a school space. If you'd like to see what that looked like check out this DAY IN THE LIFE of a HOMESCHOOL MOM video from last year....chaos!

So this summer I invested a lot of time and energy into putting together a more pronounced space for our learning time. And so our "playroom" became our "school room". 



I'm so excited to announce that this tour is only one of many tours, my homeschool friends from IHOMESCHOOL NETWORK have put a great BLOG HOP together for everyone interested in seeing more homeschool rooms! I hope you find some motivation and enjoy seeing all of the great learning spaces from some really great bloggers! 

Sep 23, 2013

For the Kids: DIY Floor Pouf

Happy Monday again friends! Is it just me or does time seem to be moving faster than ever? I know for me I never seem to have enough. I try to make every second count. So that brings me to this weeks nap time project. With my big kid off to school and my girls down for a nap I had just enough time to construct this floor pouf. As usual I didn't really plan on it, but I am more of an off the cuff crafter. Hum? Maybe a new series? Most of my crafts, projects and DIY adventures never get proper planning their just born in my mind and thrown into motion. I get inspired and go with it. 

When I found this floor pouf tutorial...
which sounded easy I immediately ran to my fabric bins and started matching patterns together. In case your wondering what a floor pouf is it's a cushion type thingy that is large enough to sit on or use as a foot stool. Does that make sense? Since Lilli has made my coffee table her homeschool/art table I knew she needed something for her bottom. I love the look of bright colored poufs used for seating in a playroom so that drove my inspiration a little further. 
So I begins the birth of my pouf.

The tutorial called for 17'' round pieces. I'm a pretty good circle drawer but ultimately reserved to creating a freezer paper stencil using a pen and string. I just tied the 8.5'' string to my pencil and placed the other end in the middle of the paper. Keeping the string tight I used it like a compass. That allowed me to create a  perfect  pretty good 17'' circle.

I allowed a tiny bit of extra for uneven cutting, but tada...a circle stencil. I used a fabric pen to trace the circle onto the back of the fabric. Once I had traced it I cut them and ironed them back out.

I cut my center piece and my handle per the tutuorial and got everything I needed for sewing.

I lined up the edges of my rounds and my piping and stitched parallel to the pipping. Now I'm no pro at sewing but I do believe your suppose to have some sort of different foot on the machine for piping and zippers but I just stuck with my default foot and pushed it through. Is that bad? Anyone care to clear that up for us?

Once I had the piping and rounds sewn together I sewed my middle section on to the other side. Making sure the right sides were facing each other!

I sewed both rounds and the middle piece together and left a small hole to turn it out and stuff.
Once I had stuffed it  {mine actually needs a bit more stuffing, I recommend a lot to give it good support} I sewed up the hole and added on my handle.

And here it is all finito!!! Looks pretty good right. Considering I am a noob sewer I would consider this a pretty awesome job. I did note a few things to add or do differently next time. Sturdy fabric, more stuffing, and to use that different foot on the machine. I might even try adding a zipper to the pattern that way it can be machine washable.


Kid tested and mother approved! She looks so cute on her new pouf. I know her little tush will thank me later. Now she will have a place of her own to sit when she is doing school work or coloring. And she was so happy that she got one and Jack didn't. Made her feel very special and since Jackson got a lot of attention for starting school this helped even it back out a bit. She thinks it's just great and that means I am one happy mommy!

This project was pretty easy. If you know your way around a sewing machine and can follow the tutorial, which I promise you is very detailed and easy to follow, than you will have no problem creating one for you little guy or gal.

Alright sewing gurus...let me have it! What are some tips that would have made this even easier? Have any of you guys ever made a pouf before? I want to see the poufs you make so send them to me here or on instargram #thehouseonhillbrook.

~Good Luck!
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Jan 31, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set, School

Well I have posted quite a bit about house and home so I thought it was about time I throw in some school in the mix. Homeschool that is. Is it one word or two? Not sure. Anyways this is just a not so brief summary of how it all started...for us anyways.

After having our third bambina, Alifair, I decided my husband and I decided that I should give being a stay at home mommy a try. At first the thought terrified me. How would we survive on one income? How would we be able to save? We cut back a lot. It's going on a year now and so far we have made it with blessings from God and budgeting, couponing, and picking up odd jobs.

This past September our son, Jackson, was due to start kindergarten and I was so excited, I think more than him. I was looking forward to picking out school clothes, lunchboxes and supplies. I was even looking forward to the first day when I would walk him into class, sobbing of course. But nevertheless I was looking forward to experiencing that with him and was looking even more forward for him to experience school. However, that day never came. Well not technically anyways. My husband and I decided a few months prior to the start of the school year that homeschooling sounded great. We have extended family that have home schooled for 20 years and I knew with their help and support it might just be a possibility. We jumped into it head first. We spent the summer setting up a "school room". I purchased loads of materials. Art supplies, posters, flash cards, workbooks, if it was school related I bought it. We are now half way into the school year and I would recommend not doing that. Pick up some art supplies? Yes. All the rest? No. I don't use it. I would suggest getting a feel for the way your family and children will do school. Will you the sit at a desk? Kitchen table? On the floor? In a hiding spot? Who knows. Learn their learning style before you set up the room. Homeschool fact #1.

As far as our at home "teaching" goes. We take it day by day. With three kids it's hard to really get much "learning time". With it being kindergarten it's mostly "play learning", if you will. We paint, do projects, read a ton of cool books. We go exploring, learn the bible. We use the computers and our tablet for fun educational apps. My son also gets some structured time with worksheets and story writing. It works for us, at least for now. I started out the school year with a more structured approach but with a newborn and a crazy three year old running around structure flew out the window, the first day. Now, we just go with the flow. I know it will be different each year but for now we are having fun. We don't have to worry about getting up early and getting ready for school. I don't have to worry about school clothes, lunches, and paperwork. I just get to spend time with my kids, the ones that God gave me. For that, I feel extremely blessed.

If you are not familiar with homeschooling and the way it works...well no worries, I'm not either. I don't know all the ins and outs of teaching my kids everything their "suppose" to be learning. I have learned a lot about home educating in the past six months but it's only the beginning. I have no idea about all the laws, regulations, and testing parts of it. I don't know curriculum, programs, and what all the acronyms stand for.

I got my teaching degree and always pictured my self teaching a whole classroom of kids. I never imagined I would be teaching my own children. Ya, know? Teaching a real teacher. Although I came into homeschooling with a bit of reserve I find it very rewarding. Some days  Everyday is overwhelming. But then I just keep remembering  "you can learn something even if you don't sit at a desk" so that helps. I see progress in my kids everyday. Their learning tons. I love spending time with them reading books, surfing the internet for cool facts, watching history and science programs, and doing some crazy projects. I can only thank God for the opportunity that he has given me.

Anyone out there homeschool? Just starting out? Almost done? Anyone teaching kindergarten? 
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