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Aug 30, 2017


Hey ya'll!

Today I'm sharing the long overdue homeschool room tour for 2017. 

We have been back to school for almost two weeks and this room is working perfectly for us. I'm so excited about it and I have high hopes that this room will help foster a very successful school year. 


In February of 2016 we moved into our newly constructed home while our kids were still enrolled in public school. After our move we had to switch schools with only a few months left, this was hard on all of us. At the end of the school year in June of 2016 I had nudges from the Lord leading my mind back to homeschooling. I say "back to homeschooling" because we had homeschooled back in 2010. So from homeschooling to public school the Lord lead me to decide that homeschooling was indeed our direction going forward. 

Last year, 2016-2017, we completed our first official year as homeschoolers and I knew at the end of the year that are homeschooling adventure would continue on. 

Last year we homeschooled at the kitchen table, couch, and floor and I knew if we wanted to have a better flow to our days we needed a school space. If you'd like to see what that looked like check out this DAY IN THE LIFE of a HOMESCHOOL MOM video from last year....chaos!

So this summer I invested a lot of time and energy into putting together a more pronounced space for our learning time. And so our "playroom" became our "school room". 



I'm so excited to announce that this tour is only one of many tours, my homeschool friends from IHOMESCHOOL NETWORK have put a great BLOG HOP together for everyone interested in seeing more homeschool rooms! I hope you find some motivation and enjoy seeing all of the great learning spaces from some really great bloggers! 

Aug 29, 2017

Flexible Homeschool Schedule App Review

Okay you'll know I am all about planning and having a detailed plan in place for our homeschool. In case you missed my homeschool planner video you can check it out here.

In combination with having a physical planner I've been in the market for a digital set up to partner with my paper planner. I love having my paper planner but I want something to be able to take with me at all times that allows for me to look at and schedule things on the go.


Flexible School Schedule Review

I wanted to be one of the first persons to share with you a new app that is coming soon that will revolutionize the way we homeschool moms plan. The all new Flexible School Schedule planning app with be perfect for a busy mom looking to simplify the planning and tracking progress of each and every child in the home.

The Flexible School Schedule App is currently in the stages of being built by a homeschool family who have been homeschooling for over 10 years. With over a decade of homeschool planning successes and failures Phillip and Lanaya Gore, along with their four children, have been designing the Flexible School Schedule App in hopes to bring something new and needed to the homeschool market.


This app has many great features that really interest me as a flexible homeschooler. We all know that one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is having the ability to skip days and move around assignments when needed, however; more often than not I seem to struggle with tracking the progress of each child.

With this app I can easily keep track of each child's progress for not only every subject but for all assignments. I can keep a detailed folder for each subject and a record of all assignments that allows me to stay up to date with current progress and performance. As a mother of 5 small children each in different grade levels this an important feature for me. I need to be able to set assignments for each child and keep that progress separate from the rest.

Flexible Homeschool Schedule Keep Track of Assignments
Along with keeping a detailed list of all assignments per subject you can keep a comprehensive on going list of resources and notes per child per subject. Keep book list, websites, and notes for next year right in the palm of your hand. If you're like me and you take advantage of the many FREE online resources such as YouTube videos and gaming websites keeping all of this information in one local place is a great concept.

Compile all subjects and notes into folders per week and weeks per term! In other words, have the WHOLE YEAR PLANNED and ready to view at a  moments notice. I'd like to have the whole year planned and that is the ultimate goal, however I usually have six weeks planned at any given time as we are on a six weeks on and one week off schedule. 

The best part of this App is that you can print and hold tangible evidence of each and every child's progress by printing out progress reports periodically and most importantly at the end of a term or year. I like the idea of keeping attendance and progress digitally so that I can see, manage, and plan when I am away from my paper planner. 

This app is going to be so great for homeschool families that need an extra hand in keeping school planned and organized.


The Flexible School Schedule App is not available for purchase just yet. However, because this app is in the crucial stages of final design the family that is launching this remarkable product is offering all homeschoolers a way to have input into the final design plan. By donating to the Flexible School Schedule Kickstarter Campaign you will be eligible to download an early release and give suggestions and critique that will ultimately play a part into the products final publicized version. 

This means as a financial supporter of this company you will have direct input into a product that is specifically built for you! 

DONATE NOW to help desing the next great homeschooling aide! 

Disclaimer: I was given compensation for my honest opinion and review of this product.

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