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Apr 18, 2017

WEEK IN THE LIFE 2017 | Monday's Design Plan

Just a litte while ago I shared my photos and words from Monday, but I had a little down time today while the babies napped and the kids played outside to get some designing for my album done.

So here is my overall design plan for Monday. I like to see it all like this before I start printing so that I can play around with sizes and colors before I spend time and ink. ;)

Basically I'm thinking I'll have several 6x8 full pages, some additional 4x6 and 3x4 photo pages. I'llprobably make use of a 2x2 protector by trimming down the black and white photos from the morning and adding in some embellishments. I've also saved some memorabilia from the day. Receipts, drawings, and notes so I'll put those in somewhere. Now comes the fun part!!!What is your design process for Week in the Life? Do you wing it or do you think things through before hand?

Jan 26, 2014

Introducing The Pocket Source

One of my personal goals for 2014 is to start keeping better track of my memories and our family photos. I have been a scrapbooker for years and over the past couple I have taken it even further with my love of graphic design by digitally creating layouts and photo books. And in the past year I have fallen in love with the pocket scrap-booking method. I have shared some of my lessons learned here, here, and here.

But my plan for 2014 was to take it on full time. Complete a whole book, which I have yet to do since starting pocket scrap-booking. I was really excited about starting this year and staying on track. And then something even more amazing happen. A fellow blogger, and pocket scrapbooker asked me to join forces to create something new and exciting for the scrap-booking craft. A new online community specifically for pocket scrap-booking.

Leslie Harvey from Momma Harvey reached out to a group of pocket scrappers asking for help in a new endeavor. Her idea..a new online community exclusively for pocket scrapping. Several bloggers, designers, and crafters responded and within hours a new community was born, a team was created and a dream was underway. THE POCKET SOURCE is under construction but will be available to you on February 14th.The new member based network will host a gallery for inspiration, a forum for those unanswered questions, and a blog filled with A-MAZING tips and tricks.

For those of you that are into pocket scrap-booking please join the rest of the team, myself and over 1000 others on facebook as we countdown this new and exciting online hub.

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