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May 9, 2017

HOMESCHOOL | CREATING MULTI AGE LAPBOOKS (Free Earth & Science Printables and Resources)

free christian homeschool earth and science printables

I know it's nearing the end of the school year and if you're like me you're ready to say sayonara to school for a while but there is one thing that can renew a tired homeschooling mama and that's shopping for new curriculum.

I went ahead and ordered next year's curriculum. I wanted to get an idea of how the year would go, when we should start, how our schedule would be and review it just in case it wouldn't work out I would have time to research and order another. 

Since we've finished our material for this year and had about eight weeks left of school I went ahead and started a full course of the new stuff. 

For science this upcoming year (2017-2018) I've chosen Christian Kids Explore Earth & Science. So far I really like it. And most importantly the kids really like it. 

Currently I have three school age children (Ages 5,7,10) who I am teaching from this book. Their reading and writing levels are very different so I quickly learnt that teaching and expecting them both to read and write down notes at the same time was not going to work. 

I needed a way to cover the material, have them both be able to read it and understand it but it not take all day doing it. So I created a lapbook for our first unit. 


First I studied the lesson. As I studied I gathered notes; definitions and important facts. Most of this stuff is in the margins of the book. I typed them up in Photoshop Elements. 

I gathered all my notes and put them on printable pages in boxes so I could cut them out.

using free resources to create homeschool lapbooks

I also did a google search for Christian Earth Science Printables and found a ton of great resources like this one from Bible Story Printables.

using free printables in homsechool

Using a pair of scissors and a hole punch I cut out interactive pieces.

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling

Then I arranged my notes in a lapbook. If you're new to making lapbooks check out this great resource on making easy lapbooks.

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling

I also used material from the appendix of the book. This book has some great coloring sheets and graphs available to use.

using appendix resources for lapbooking
I like to include interactive pieces as well. This is great for the younger kids. 

interactive lapbooking for homeschooling
Tip: Try to fit an entire unit on one lapbook  verses each individual lessons. This will cut down time on making additional lapbooks for each lesson. And you'll have several days worth of science ready to be worked on.  This lapbook lasted us about two weeks.

christian homeschool earth science
The kids really enjoy lapbooks and lessons that are fun, colorful, and interactive. 

I've included the FREE printable pdfs I created from my notes of this unit. If you're using CHRISTIAN KID EXPLORE EARTH & SCIENCE and you would like to print these resources CLICK HERE!

Oct 10, 2016

HOMESCHOOL | Mystery of History Volume 1 WEEK 1 Ideas and Activity Round Up for CREATION, ADAM & EVE, and JUBAL & TUBAL CAIN

Last week we started our new History/Bible Curriculum, Mystery of History Volume 1 Creation to the Resurrection, and so far we are loving it! Seriously, it's become our favorite part of the school day.

The Mystery of History
I chose this curriculum for our homeschool based on the recommendations of several other homeschool mamas. All of which are Christians and spoke highly of the program. So, without hesitation, I purchased the book and we started the next week.

We are only one week into it but man oh man is it some good stuff! The time we spend together working on the projects that are inspired from our MOH lessons is priceless and the knowledge the kids are retaining is exceeding my expectations.

The timeline (the book recommends you prepare a board that will serve as your biblical/historical timeline) is probably the best part! My kids love adding things to their timeline! It's only a small tri-fold board that I purchased from the Dollar Tree during our homeschool supply shopping trip and we will probably need many more but for now it's a piece of cherished artwork in our home.

Our board will be more of a collage than a straight time line, but you get my drift, right?

I didn't do much preparation for week one because I knew it would be pretty simple and easy but when it came down to it I was a little unprepared for our crafts and activities. However, since we had already learned about creation, Adam & Eve and Cain & Able in the first weeks of school (we started MOH in our third week) the first week's lessons for MOH were review! So we worked on our board and played our own version of America's Bible Challenge (the kids love playing that).

The activities that the kids did for the first few lessons before starting MOH  would work really well as activities for the actual lessons for week 1 so overall everything worked out for our first week!

The Mystery of History Series

If you're just getting started in MOH Volume 1 I have put together a round up of activities that I think would be AWESOME for little ones starting out! Now my kids are 4,7 and 10 so these activities are for that age range, but most of them can be tailored for any age.

homeschool school teaching learning reading writing preschool bible crafts creation

Another great resource I love using for our homeschool is FREE PRINTABLES from other mama's and creatives. This FREE CREATION PRINTABLE PACK by Mary Martha Mama is what I'm using for my 4 year old preschooler!

Again Mary Martha Mama has some great printables to use for teaching a homeschool lesson on Adam & Eve.

adam and eve prek pack pinterest



mystery of history, homeschooling, school, crafts, learning, bible, history

#1 Sound and Music Craft Activities via Learning Ideas Grads K-8
#2 Paper Plate Banjo Craft via Le Top Blog
#3 Make Your Own Maracas via Oriental Trading
#4 Duct Tape Sword and Shield from 30 Minute Crafts
#5 Books of the Bible Sword Shaped Bookmark via Creative Sunday School Crafts

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY MYSTERY OF HISTORY PINTEREST BOARD and of course there are TONS of other ideas on Pinterest and through out the web!

Oct 3, 2016

Homeschool | Our Pre-K Plan (VIDEO) and My FAVORITE PRESCHOOL RESOURCES!!!!

homeschool, preschool, school, learning, teaching, coloring, math, reading, writing, science, social studies

Okay so you have a preschooler and you want to homeschool, that's great! Now where to begin? The best piece of advice that I can offer as a new homeschooler is DON'T STRESS and DON'T SPEND MONEY on preschool curriculum. Homeschooling a preschooler does not have to be expensive in fact there are so many available resources for FREE or nearly FREE! In the video below I'm sharing our PRE-K curriculum choices. And honestly the words curriculum and preschooler kinda terrify me, especially when used together.

Our four year old is a beautiful, intelligent, stubborn thing. She likes the idea of school but when it comes to actually sitting down and doing a lesson or working on an assignment she would rather run around the house naked, I'm not kidding! She's creative and loves the outdoors. So why did I tell you that? I think it's important to teach a child using the things that they like. She loves to paint, create with Play Doh and dig in the dirt. So I'm trying a lot of activities where she can do just that. 

The most important thing you can teach a 4 year old is to love learning! If you make learning a chore or a negative thing it will always be a chore! Learning, especially for this age, should be child led and natural. Don't force it! If they want to color give them a printable of this week's letter or shape. Tell them about it for a second and move on. They will retain more than you think. If they want to take off all their clothes and hang on the side of the couch, let them. I mean when in life will that ever be okay again? ;)



homeschool, preschool, school, kids, children, learning, teaching, writing, reading, math, science, social studies


alphabet, printables, coloring, learning, writing, reading, math, school homeschool preschool

May 3, 2014

Happy Scrapping Day: Craftroom Quickie and Freebie

Howdy you'll! Hope you guys are enjoying this lovely Saturday afternoon. It's so pretty here. Just wanted to pop in real quick with a video of a couple storage ideas and quick tour of my crafting space. And in honor of National Scrapbooking Day I wanted you guys to have a fun freebie!



A FREEBIE FOR YOU!!! Click here to download! 

-psss don't forget to subscribe, like, and stalk me :)

Lots of love!

Nov 15, 2013

So Thankful for a Cute Party

Hello and happy Friday friends. So sorry for the pause from posting. I came down with a horrible bug but now I'm feeling {pretty much} back to normal and ready to share an awesome post with you all!

First things's the middle of November! Ahh. I can't believe it. I haven't accomplished as much as I need too but I'm bound and determined to get things squared away before the holidays roll in. I have some baking, shopping, and tidying to do. Not to mention some home made Christmas gifts that I need to get started on.

But let's pause for a minute and enjoy one holiday at a time here people! I mean is anyone else upset that brands seem to rush Christmas right in on top of Thanksgiving Halloween. I guess some look it as one big holiday with separate meal plans but I like to appreciate the meanings and traditions of each. I'm thankful for those meanings and those traditions. So that brings me today. I want to share my little thankful party. Just a simple fun time. Some cute decor, snacks, and people who share the simplicity of being thankful for all of the many blessings we have each day. 

Another cute freebie just for you guys. Can you tell I love making these?


First, nothing says simple and intimate like delivering some handwritten invites.

 Share some sweet treats and moments of gratitude with your special guest.

 And I'm using this banner for some fall decor.

So simple for just about any party...large or small. I'm so thankful for cute parties and for awesome readers like you guys! Lot's of love and blessings for you this Thanksgiving season!


Nov 4, 2013


Happy Monday loves and happy November! I can not believe November is here already. However, you will never see me complaining about this part of the year for it is my favorite. Favorite months, favorite days, favorite time of the year. I love the fall and I especially love the holidays. One of the main reasons I love the holidays so much is the chaos they bring. I love planning events, meals, gift buying, etc. I love it all. But we all know when it comes to planning chaos you need the right tools.

Usually I just jot everything down in a notebook but this year I wanted to go an extra extra pretty mile. I worked up some holiday planning printables and so far I am loving them. I decided to put them into my personal planner as sort of an extension kit. But honestly a full holiday planner sounds awesome as well.

What did I included in my holiday planning kit?

Cover page
November and December 2 page calendars
Christmas meal plan
Thanksgiving meal plan
Gift tracker
Black Friday tracker
Pre-holiday cleanup checklist {flyleaf}
Dear Santa letter
Christmas wishlist

I for one can not wait until the holidays! I know this year will be better than ever thanks to my holiday planner!

Don't forget to download your FREE copy of this holiday planner here!


Oct 10, 2013


Over the weekend my oldest daughter turned four. I still can't believe that she is four already! Makes me sad that time goes by so quickly. We hosted a small family gathering at our home on Saturday. Just a little social gathering around the fire pit roasting hot dogs and making s'mores. It was a nice change compared to our my usual parties.

But even the smallest parties and soirees require planning. There's what food to buy, guest list, decorations to create, and last minute projects that come up. In order to keep track of the get together I created my own PARTY PLANNING CHECKLIST!

It worked out great!

I just jotted down my list of things to do in three different sections; weeks before, day before, and day of. This allowed me to see what I needed to do ahead of time and made for better planning which made for a smoother party.


Of course the planner in me added more things to the list and jotted down every little thing to remember. I SAY FREE YOUR MIND!

{ Again I apologize for the awful pictures. My Canon is being repaired and can not wait to get it back.}

Are you planning a party? Looking forward to planning? What is your greatest dilemma when it comes to party planning?

Good Luck and Happy Planning!

Oct 4, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you guys are as ready for the weekend as I am! I have a fun filled weekend plan. My big girl turns four this weekend so we are throwing a shin-dig here at the house. A little Fall fun. A fire, s'mores, and wienie roast! I'm hoping for a little cool weather so I can bring out the sweaters and leggings.

So this week we talked a bit about dressing up our planners with personal stickers and colorful pens. I wanted to share another tutorial on how to DIY YOUR OWN STICKY NOTES. Now if you're not a planning addict no worries you can still use this to create some awesome sticky notes for your calendar or bulletin board. Or anycase to just have some cute stationery lying around when needed.

First things first is I created a new project in Photoshop. 9" x6"'', 300 ppi, RGB Color Mode. This will allow you to have two columns and three rows when making six 3'' x 3'' sticky notes. Draw a straight line at intervals of  3'' down and across. These will be your cut lines. Next you can add clip art, text, backgrounds, etc. CREATE YOUR OWN MAGIC! You can make them all the same or each one different. BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!

Should look a little something like this...just play around with it until you love it!

I like to transfer my projects to a 8.5'' x 11'' project board that way I know what it will look like on printed paper. You can transfer it by selecting all, hold shift+ctrl+c, this will select all and copy the entire board. Paste it onto your new paper size board. Add additional text or fun stuff if you want too!

Like this....

Next, just print them out! I recommend using a good resolution so the colors pop!

{sorry about the blurry was sunrise and the lighting was horrific...but in any light you get my point, right?}
I just cut and trim the notes to size.

Now there maybe a better tutorial out there that shows you how to make a sticky note pad. But here is how I do mine. I simple keep the loose notes in a little pile on my desk and when I want to use one I grab my glue tape and stick-i-fi the top of the back. Works just like a traditional sticky note! And holds a lot better. You can still reposition or remove it later if needed.

Like this...

And place it where I want it.

And ta da...personalized sticky notes! Easy Peasy!

Let me know if you make these and send me some pics of the ones you create at Instagram #thehouseonhillbrook. What do you like to use sticky notes for? Are you a sticky hoarder? Where do you like to sticky shop?


Let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!
 The one with the next votes will be my next tutorial! But don't you worry I plan on doing all of them soon!

~Good Luck and Happy Planning~ 

Sep 30, 2013

QUICK PRINT: FREE Rx Dosage Chart Stickers

Happy Monday to all my friends and wonderful readers. First of all I just want to take a second and say thank you to those of you that have subscribed, liked, pinned, tweeted, and posted about my blog. I am sure that you guys can see all the wonderful changes I made around here and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for my lil' ol' blog. Keep sharing, posting, tweeting, pinning, and doing what you do!

So I wanted to jump in for a few minutes and share another new printable that I came up with just this week. I have had some sick kiddos this week and with colder weather approaching I know it's not the last of it. My oldest love, Jack, started public school this year and while I started him on some good vitamins he still brought home the crude. Running nose and a horse cough led to an emergency room visit for a severe ear infection. Poor guy :(. We moms hate to see our babies in pain. After a couple of doses of antibiotics, pain meds, and some good rest he is back to good health and this mom couldn't be happier. I just hope the girls don't come down with it and I can stay healthy. We all know if mom goes down we all go down. We are like the captains of a ship, with no captain the ship will sink! :)

So my guy feels better and is off to school this morning but not before taking his dose of antibiotics and he still has several to go. I honestly couldn't remember if I had even given it to him last night. I knew I needed to do better at keeping track of his dosages. I needed a dosage chart. Something to keep track of when I give him the medicine, how many times a day, etc. At first I was just going to jot it down with a sharpie on the bottle itself but then I realized it was a little bit hard to do and read so I do what I do best and created a sheet of printable stickers. Printable Rx dosage chart stickers that is.

I printed mine on a piece of full sheet label paper. I cut them out and put them inside my medicine box. Now when we get new medications that require doses I can slap one of these on and keep up with the dosages. It's working pretty well.

Have your little ones been sick this year yet? I hope I can keep the germs at bay. Nothing like a houseful of sick kiddos. But at least if we do get meds we can keep better track. How do you keep up with dosages? Any tips or tricks?

Image Map

Sep 24, 2013

CLEAN EATING: Recipe Collection

A couple of weeks ago I shared my new found love for clean eating and how I planned our first month's meals. Cleaning eating in layman's term means to eat clean, whole foods. It's almost been a month since our lifestyle change and I just have to tell you how amazing we feel. We all feel AWESOME! Better than we have in years. Maybe even ever! It's amazing how putting junk and sugars into your body can make you feel. I will never go back to the way I was eating. EVER!

Prior to making our lifestyle change we were living so poorly. On a personal note I was dragging through the days, sleeping as much as I could in the mornings and staying up late. I didn't feel good unless I had a Diet Coke in my hand and something sugary to snack on. We ate boxed dinners, ate drive thru, and consumed a dozen sodas a week. I am really embarrassed to say that but it's the truth and we all know the truth hurts.

When I first mentioned "clean eating" to my hubby he was a little apprehensive to the idea. "What you mean give up sodas?". "What will we eat, cardboard and lettuce?" Honestly I didn't know what we would eat. I'm not the world's greatest cook and often relied on frozen dinners and boxed items to prepare meals. Throw the kids some poptarts, warm up some pizza rolls, and throw in a lasagna was my way of cooking. But since turning clean I haven't even bought the stuff. I have made everything from scratch. And better yet I have tried to use all natural and when I can get it organic ingredients.

But when you make a lifestyle change you have to prepare for a learning curve and all though clean eating seems and should be simple, it defiantly called for some hard core research and learning. In order to understand whether something is considered clean you have to be able to understand the ingredients, processing and storage of the item.There is no way I could sit here and tell you what's clean and not clean as I am still learning for myself. But I don't think it's rocket science. And don't get me wrong our family is not 100% clean. We're more 80 20. We are still finding out what works for us.

Learning new recipes has been one of my favorite things, other than the obvious health reasons. There are so many clean and healthy recipes out there that aren't cardboard and lettuce. There are full meals with real meat, veggies and grains and most that I have found take less than 30 minutes to prepare. I have found recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts. Yes brownies, cookies, and pies can all be clean. In reality almost any meal you can think of can be cleaned up.

I have gathered so many new recipes lately that I found my self with printouts, scrap paper, magazine clippings, and even several pinned on my new clean eating Pinterest board. I was swarmed by recipes. So what did I do? I created my first ever recipe collection! I have never collected recipes. I own a handful of cookbooks but honestly never read them. So how do you go from a less than half time cook to a mom that makes three meals a day for five people? One recipe at a time!

I designed a 4 x 6 recipe card for my clean eating cookbook. Any time I find a recipe I just grab one from the already printed and cut pack or if it's online I pull the pdf up in Adobe and cut and paste the recipe in and print. It works either way.


Once I had some recipe cards filed out. About two dozen within the first two weeks of going clean, I found a photo album for cheap and organized my cards. I thought really hard what I wanted the sections of my new recipe book to read. I ultimately choose catergories that were reflective of our cooking habits and meals. I included both the editable pdf and the list I used as free downloads.

breakfast, oatmeal, omelets, lunches, school, snacks, baked, no bake, slow cook, smoothies, bread, veggies, fruits, entrees, meatless, treats



    After printing out my tabs I cut and laminated them. I used tape to adhere them to the pages of my photo album. I estimated the number of pages between each category. Some categories received than others. For example, I knew I wanted a space for smoothies but that section is a lot smaller than the entree pages.

    The photo album that I chose was from the dollar store and with a limited selection wasn't really my taste. So I improvised and covered it with some contact paper and decorated it with some vinyl I cut with my Silhouette Portrait.


    AND AFTER...

    I think this will keep my growing recipe collection under control for now. I don't think it will be long until the pages are all filled so I might need to think on a larger scale. And of course I love how bright and bold it is. It inspires me every time I look at.

    My cards fit perfectly inside the album sleeves. I can slide them in and out when I need to. I can't wait to fill this book with some more cheap clean eats.

    So let's have it! How do you store your recipe collection? Have you gone clean? Send in those awesome clean recipes and I'll pick my favorites! Um Yum!

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