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Feb 20, 2017

Five Reasons I am Addicted to Traveler's Notebooks

5 Reasons I'm Obsessed with Traveler's Notebooks

I recently found the world of travelers notebooks and I am addicted.

I certainly don't know all the ins and outs of it yet but here are my top five reasons I'm obsessed with traveler's notebooks:

 You can make inserts within minutes. By using some simple grid paper or cardstock you can put together a beautiful insert that that will give you ample room to illustrate or journal your artwork. I like to make mine small enough to complete within a a few days. Actually completing an insert makes me happy!!! 

diy traveler's notebooks

Since the materials you need to make inserts are readily available and for cheap, creating inserts is not only super easy it's really cost effective. 

The possibilities are truly endless. These inserts can be adapted and uses for anything. I've seen people use them for planners, smash pages, scrapbook layouts, art journaling, Bible notes, and even as simple as a grocery list. 

diy traveler's notebooks

The sleek and slender size of the inserts are appealing and great for traveling or tucking away in you Bible case. I like to pull mine out at Bible study and make notes, I also carry one in my purse for brain dumping.

diy traveler's notebooks

Okay, so I know the world of traveler's notebooks isn't new but it's new to me and I feel like ever since finding the world of TNs it it has grown so much. It seems like everyone and every company is taking on the trend right now. And with more people interested the collection of products to try is growing rapidly.


Feb 6, 2017

Plan with Me Episode #2 | Homeschool Weekly Layout


It's obvious that I love pretty paper and planning things out gives me a sense of being organized. And I'll take all the "feeling" of being organized that I can get. I mean with five kids being organized is pretty much impossible but that doesn't stop me from trying.

In my first Plan with Me episode I shared how I have my Happy Planner set up. It's pretty basic except for every week I have three spreads. So, for example, for 6th through the 12th, I have three copies of each week. I do this by simply making front and back copies of the planner pages and sandwiching the copies in between the orginal pages. I make two copies so that gives me three weeks. The two copied weeks and the orginal week! 

The second weekly spread is for our homeschool plans for the week. The top box in each column is for Jackson's plans, the second box in each column is for Lilliana's, and the last box is for their group work. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you how I plan for our homeschool week. 

First, I gather their workbooks/curriculum, printables, and any projects they may be working on. I also grab my grade book that I keep, it has notes about what each one needs improvment on. For example, I know Lilli is struggling with counting by twos. 


So, with all of their work laid out I can make a small list of work for each one. I usually use a small notepad or to do list for this. 

plan-with-me homeschool-planner

Next, I gather my planner and my pretty planner making supplies. I usually do this on Sunday night so that we are ready to go on Monday morning. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

I usually start by making the pages look a little more prettier .... that's just me. You can leave them blank if you aren't into decorating. But I am! And, I absolutely love all of the bright and fun supplies that coordinate with my planner. 

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Next, I begin to write in the boxes and usually add more decorating as I go. I usually add their day by day plans being sure to leave notes on where to find certain supplements, for example, YouTube videos, etc. 

And at the end I usually add in a little more pretty. Just because papercrafting is my hobby and I like to make it look a little more me

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

the happy planner-homeschool planner-creative planner

Nothing fancy! But it works. I love having our school plans written down and looking pretty. It keeps me motivated. 

CLICK THE VIDEO to watch my Plan with Me Episode #2 Homeschool Weekly Layout video!


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