Sep 29, 2012

Free Household Binder Cover


Enjoy this household organizing binder cover. For personalized pieced check out my shop.

Jul 10, 2012

Getting prepared for Kindergarten!

Well the time has come and what a ride it has first born is 5 and with such a number comes bigger milestones....KINDERGARTEN!

We have given it much thought and prayer and have decided to home school...yes, you heard me right..HOME SCHOOL!

With my degree in education I am super excited to put it into use even though it is truly not what I anticipated I would be doing once I graduated, I am even more excited about getting to teach my own children and see them through all the wonderful works of school.

So needless to say I have been spending most of the summer pinning and doing resource research for anything home school. From classroom designs to printables. I have looked at countless curriculum and have decided to create our own. I am really nervous about making sure Jackson knows everything needed to move on to first grade but seeing how in North Carolina you don't have to have your child registered until he or she is seven I have some time to play around and if for some reason it does pan out there is always public school.

I have been able to get somewhat of a curriculum put together as well as a preliminary schedule. I am getting ready to start working on monthly units and materials for teaching. With all the wonderful home school blogs and websites out in the www  I know I will have tons of inspiration.

For starters here is what I have accomplished so far....

Our Kindergarten CUrriculum
Language Arts:
  • Phonics
  • Choral reading
  • Listening to literature, music, poetry
  • Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, fables
  • Social listening
  • Constructing visual images while listening
  • Oral communication skills
  • Role play
  • Following and giving directions
  • Paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Organizing ideas
  • Experience stories
  • Relating events and experiences using complete sentences
  • Listening for correct speech habits and word usage
  • Beginning writing process
Social Studies:
  • Observation of everyday, familiar things
  • Common animals and plants
  • Interrelationships of animals and plants
  • Classification of living things
  • Care of pets
  • Like and unlike plants
  • Indoor plants
  • The sun: our principal source of energy
  • Weather and Seasons
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Senses
  • Earth, moon, stars, planets
  • Simple measurement
  • Beginning experimentation
Health and Safety:

Lesson times (Morning)
8:30- 8:45 Prayer/Pledge/Circle Time
8:45-9:00 Bible
9:00-9:15 Science/Social Studies (sss)
9:15-9:30 SSS Journal
9:30-9:45 Math (Computer Games)
9:45- 10:15 Hands on Math Lesson
10:15-10:30 Math Journal
Lesson times (afternoon)
2:00-2:15 Read Aloud
2:15-2:30 Reading journal

*No school on Fridays! Only M, T, W, Th
*Real life experience on Fridays
*Fridays-recap to dad what we learned

Our Morning Prayer:

Dear God,
We are about to begin our school day.
Please protect us and direct us to do your will and way.
Help mom as she teaches, and us, where were concerned
Guide her lessons and our ears to hear what must be learned.
Even if things need said twice,
help us to grow,
in hopes to show,
we believe in Jesus Christ! 

May 22, 2012

DIY # 3 pillow

Another one of my weekend finds were these burlap colored linen dinner napkins. I scored two of these at the Goodwill for just $1.00. I picked them up with just this project in mind.

So you may have seen on my favorite items list this #3 pillow...

Since we are in the process of a playroom update and our third child is due any minute, I feel in love with this pillow from Target. But of course you know me...I thought, "I can do that". So that's just what I did and here is how I did...

I created a simple design in Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. Just a simple 3 which fit on a 8.5 x11 inch regular size paper.
I cut it out (freehand).
Laminated it and then trimmed it again.

I think by laminating it it helped to keep it's shape and worked really good for laying flat while I traced it onto my red felt.
Just traced it with a marker.
Next, I ironed on the fusible web onto the back of my felt.

Cut out the three..again freehand..and peeled the fusible web off. I ironed it onto the center of one the napkins.
Our next steps take a little concentration..Using any machine choose a satin stitch. On my Brother Ls-2125 model the satin stitch is number 5.

Move the fabric around so that the stitch is on the edge of the design.



AND EVEN SLOWER around the corners.

The finished stitch should look similar to this.

Now comes the easy part. Grab the two napkins. Face the right sides together and sew around all four sides. STOP..make sure you leave a small hole to turn the pillow outside.


And sew the hole up..

Now you should have a pillow that looks as lovely as this beauty..I am so happy with this and the best part is I made it for only $1.00. I had red felt, thread, and the stuffing and just needed the napkins. I am so glad I picked those up at the Goodwill and gave them thought on how they could work for me. Cheaper than getting a yard of fabric and and the best part..after a quick wash they were ready to go. No cutting required. They made such a lovely pillow and a great little detail to our playroom.

Have you ever re purposed some sort of fabric? Napkins into pillows, or dish clothes into curtains? Let us know any tips you might have...


May 21, 2012

Lampshade Redesign

So one of this weekends finds was a rectangle lampshade at the Goodwill. I picked up a base and the shade for the total price of $9.00. At first I thought that I would paint the entire base and stencil the shade but after getting it home and playing around with a few other lamps I have in my house I found that I like the rectangle shade on a different lamp base. So after figuring that out I searched around the www for some inspiration, here is what I found...

 This lamp shade from here was so pretty and simple and since the chevron design is one of my newest favorites and very popular in the home interior design world I decided to give it a try.

I started out with my lampshade...


Masking Tape ( I actually would use a good quality painter's tape but this was all I had)
sharp craft knife
Ruler (something with a straight edge)

Start by tearing off pieces and creating a design out of the tape. Then, use your craft knife to shape it up. Be careful not to cut the shade.

It should look similar to this when your finished creating your template.

AFTER.. I actually peeled the tape off to soon. I would wait about 2-4 hours before removing it. By tearing it off too soon I created a seeping mess that I now see and will have to fix...

I wanted to show this off to you guys and didn't finish the sides or the back, but now I don't think I will. I think I like it like this. Plus if I ever change the room around I can do something on the other side. Anyways....

Besides the little error in the corner I am pretty pleased with this and I love the yellow/gold color against the blue walls. Once I snag my new duvet set from Target..and finish up some curtains and throw pillows this room will be finito...

Have any of you ever painted a lampshade? I would love to see pictures and pick some out. Send them to me at!

May 20, 2012

Trash or Treasure?

So, this weekend I stopped by the Goodwill, just to see if they had anything I couldn't resist. For starters anytime I am looking through the Goodwill I follow a few rules...
  • I look at every section (you never know what you are going to find)
  • I keep an open mind (for pennies on the dollar, everything can be refinished)
  • I take my time (you need to have at least an hour or more to hunt)
  • I think twice (something may stand out at you at first but after carrying it around for awhile, rethink everything before you purchase, I usually end up putting a few things back)
Here is a few of my weekend finds....

     Some of these will remain in their current condition (with a little cleaning) and some are in for a major overhaul..stay tuned to see how I use these finds in my home.

    What did you find this weekend? Any good deals at thrift stores or yard sales?

May 17, 2012

Loving These...

The other day I was out in the www searching around for some playroom inspiration and came across these beautiful green weave baskets from Target. Jen at Iheart Organizing is absolutely fabulous and came up some beautiful playroom storage/seating seen here:

I immediately fell in love with this (seeing how these are "MY" colors) I just had to have these baskets. I followed Jen's source link and went to had these baskets listed in sets of 4 for $40.00 and I just couldn't commit to it, since I had not seen them in person. It states on there as well that these are not sold in stores. I was about to cry. I just had to have them. Jen had scored these baskets on clearance for $6 bucks, which sent me into a frazzle and in the direction of my nearest Target (which is over an hour away) in hopes that some of these little babies would be sitting all a lone on a shelf in the back with a huge clearance sticker and my name on them. However, when I got to target I found four baskets at the price of $9.99 each. I contemplated the decision for a few laps around the store. I couldn't even concentrate on anything else so I knew if I didn't grab at least two of these I would really regret it. So, that's exactly what I did. I splurged on two of these for $20.00 bucks in hopes they would be my winning pieces for my playroom re do. 

As you can see they aren't in the playroom. They made it there but set empty for a week. I couldn't think of any toys or supplies that deserved this beautiful home so yesterday when I was rearranging computer areas (switched my computer into the kitchen and my hubby's computer into the bedroom) I just knew I had to grab those baskets and make them my own.

I just love them. I have made them my own little filing drawers. I have coupons and deals in one and my label making supplies in the other. They are so big that I might need some kinda of inside am super happy I didn't let these beauties pass me by. And seeing how I wouldn't mind having about a hundred more of these I have added them to my baby registry in hopes that some smart shopper will love them enough to gift them...wink wink!!!

May 16, 2012

No Sew Curtains

So I have seen tutorials around the blog world for no-sew curtains and thought...I can do that. So, I did.

I had a completely bare kitchen window....

I have a phobia about a bare window at night. I have a strange feeling someone is looking in on me even when I know (hopefully) that there is no one out there. I just had to make something quick that would cover up the window.

 So, I started with two pre-cut half yard pieces of fabric....

I just ironed them out and turned in all four sides about 1/2 inch and pressed.

I used seam binding tape (this was really old tape I had purchased at a sew shop for 5/$1.00).

Just iron this over the edges of the fold-ins so that it holds the seams in place. Make sure you do the sides before you do the top and bottom. That way you will have a loop in place for a curtain or tension rod.

In the end I just ran my rod through the top loop of each panel and gathered them like regular curtains. I am pretty pleased with these for now. I may do some heavier type fabric and tie backs in the future but for now I have closed the curtains and hid the window. Of course first thing in the morning I will open them back up and let the daylight in.

These are so simple..let me know if you plan on trying something similar or if you have tried this technique. Have any other no sew projects? 

May 15, 2012

Family Organization Binder

In the past few days I have been working on a family organization binder. Yes that's right! A binder that houses every thing I need for keeping my house, family, and vehicle organized and in check. I first came across this concept in the blog world. There are several different versions floating around, there are even binders that are broken down into different categories and subjects. I personally like one binder that houses everything I need.

 In the process of making my binder I purchased subject dividers and made the following tabs...

  1. Important Information
  2. Finances
  3. Our Home
  4. Our School
  5. The Kids
  6. US
I tried to keep it simple and empower the  concept "less is more". It's simple because I broke it down into subjects that I know I needed and will use. I then took it a step further and decided just how I wanted to utilize each section.

1.) Important Information

  • general sheet of information that contains our address, phone numbers, names, ages, and any pressing medical concerns for each member of the family
  • family member bio sheet, a detailed information sheet of each family member that contains, name, age, birthday, social security number, allergies, likes or dislikes, interest, and of course a picture
  • emergency contact sheet, a sheet with emergency contacts such as important family members, doctors, lawyers, and even direct numbers to hospital, police, fire, and lock smith. (I figure this would be good place to insert a business card holder to keep up with contact info)
2.) Finances
  • budget..of course this is where we figure out monthly bills...
  • password log- since we pay most of bills online I figured I would include a password log that contains our log in information and passwords to our accounts.
  • contact sheet for all of accounts
  • also a good place to keep extra travel and project expenses
  • credit card information
  • bank account information
3.) Our Home
  • morning and afternoon routines
  • schedules (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • cleaning checklist (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • menu planners
  • coupon envelopes
  • shopping list
  • list of paint colors/products/or customized fittings around the home
  • fridge/freezer inventory
  • pantry inventory
  • party planning sheet
  • address labels
  • envelope seals
4.) Our School (since we are planning on homeschooling I thought this would be a great tab to go ahead a plan out for the future)
  • school information and registration
  • home school group/co op information
  • contact list for important school and group contacts
  • copies of the 12 month lesson plans
  • field trip information sheets
5.) The Kids
  • kid info sheet
  • babysitter notes
  • medical history sheets, to keep track of each sickness, doctor visit, and prescription medication
  • size and measurement charts, for clothing and shoes
  • chore charts
6.) Us
  • Info sheet
  • medical history sheets
  • size and measurement charts
  • employment information
  • school information (we sometimes take classes at the community college)

Okay, I know it may seem like a lot and it perhaps it's more than enough to keep me going for now. I am sure it will change and rearrange, eventually. But, for now I think I will stick to that. As I figure out what works and doesn't I will let you know! In the meantime enjoy this free download for a budget chart to add to your binder.

Or visit here to order a customized binder starter set, personalized with your family's names!

Does anyone have a binder system already? How do you make yours work for you? Have any suggestions on what to add to the system?

May 6, 2012

Playroom Inspiration

Playroom Inspiration...

Okay after taking the weekend to try and finalize a few loose ends on all the organizing and redecorating I have been doing, I have finally been able to sit down and produce a playroom to do list.

First off here is the playroom/bedroom before starting the redo...

This to do list has inspirational pieces and pictures that I have found over the internet.

First, the walls...I know I want something bright and fun...I love lime green, but I tried that in my bedroom and kitchen and have grown tired of it. I thought about blue but that's in three rooms now and I wanted the playroom to be gender neutral. After all the so called playroom triples as a home school room and bedroom for the girls. So it has to be something that can work with both the girls and Jack. So I dug around the internet in search for inspiration and found some ideas..

# 1 Wall Color....YELLOW!!!

I found this living room to be an inspiration for many projects. I love the yellow because it pairs great with all different colors and with an array of styles.

#2 Play rug...Lusy blom

I came across this picture on the internet in search of a play rug that contained multiple colors and after looking at a hundred I found this and just loved it. I loved the price to..only $40 from Ikea.

# 3 Bed..

I really wanted to do a pallet bed.. I had come across this idea on pinterest....

The fact that these serve as a couch during the day and two beds at night made me fall in love with the idea. I tried to hunt down some decent pallets for the project and that became a run around, so I went with option #2...A daybed..It still functions as a couch/sitting area during the day and then a bed at night.

With the three main pieces of the playroom puzzle laid out all I have to do is fill in the rest..

To do list:

wall color
toy storage
art displays
reading center
play table
clothing storage

Still have quit a bit to work out, but for now at least I am on the right track. I just hope I can have everything finished by 5 weeks. Our new baby girl is due in 5 weeks. I know I will not have time to complete any projects after she's least for awhile.:)

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